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Why Pure Chondroitin

Pure Chondroitin is the highest quality and concentration of pharmaceutical-grade chondroitin joint health supplement on the market. It was developed by one of the leading Japanese pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies, Zeria Pharmaceutical. To date, over 50 million bottles of Pure Chondroitin products have been sold worldwide.

Six Unique Qualities of Pure Chondroitin

  • The purest Chondroitin in the world

  • Pharmaceutical grade, with higher concentrations of the primary ingredients than those that are available with any other supplement

  • Chondroitin ingredients are 100% sourced from Denmark (80% of chondroitin in the market is sourced from China)

  • Freeze dry technology to preserve the natural structure and keep it intact

  • Clinically proven for joint comfort

  • NSF certified to meet safety standards

Chondroitin vs Glucosamine

Since the latter half of the 1990s, there have been various reports about how chondroitin and glucosamine benefit knee health. As a result, some supplements sold in the U.S. combine chondroitin with glucosamine.

Chondroitin Sulfate (CS) and Glucosamine are components of normal cartilage. In the body, CS, but not glucosamine, is the key building block for cartilage and appear to stimulate the body to make more cartilage.

A clinical trial* showed pharmaceutical-grade Chondroitin, however, can improve knee health when administered long-term support comfortable

How Pure Chondroitin is Different

1200mg of Chondroitin Sulfate

There are may joint support supplements on the market. Yet, most of all of them use a combination of several ingredients, such as glucosamine, Hyaluronic acid, MSM and chondroitin. Most of them do not contain higher than 800 mg of chondroitin sulfate. Pure Chondroitin formula contains pure chondroitin sulfate with 1200mg per serving - a level guaranteed to bring results.

Quality and Safety

In order to enhance the potency of Pure Chondroitin, Zeria controls every process from A- Z under strict pharmaceutical management of its quality, ranging from the sourcing, processing, and stabilization of the ingredient, to the quality assurance tests performed to check for proper dissolution, dispersal, absorption, and function of the supplement. You’re guaranteed to get a product that has been rigorously tested for safety and quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

Glucosamine only works with the help of enzymes

You may find some relief of symptoms from products with higher levels of glucosamine. However, glucosamine has to be converted into chondroitin and chondroitin sulfate to maximize its function with the help of naturally-occurring enzymes. However, this enzyme is decreased as you age, meaning if you’re in the market for a joint supplement, your body is probably lacking in this substance. Pure Chondroitin formula contains chondroitin sulfate so it does not require enzyme help. It is directly working for your joints from the moment you take it.