Why are people switching from Glucosamine to Chondroitin?

Studies show Glucosamine doesn't work

For thirty years we’ve been told Glucosamine can help our joints. But now more than ever, people are discovering the truth about a newer, purer, and more direct way to cushion their joints issues and sustain their joint health.

According to a survey of 4000 Americans aged 35-65, 80% suffered from joint health. That’s 139 million of us! Truth is, big corporations know we will try almost anything to treat our health. For years they made us believe we should take Glucosamine for it. Truth is, they made billions (the Glucosamine market is over $2 billion dollars!) BUT, and get ready for a big one…

Study after study has shown Glucosamine doesn’t work.

Don’t believe it? See for yourself.

The Pure Truth? A clinical trial* showed Pharmaceutical Grade Chondroitin can reduce joint discomfort. Do you know someone who uses Glucosamine to treat their joint pain? Send them a link to this site right now!

They’re cheating you.

Why don’t supplement companies give me 1200MG of Chondroitin?

Up until now many joint supplement manufacturers only include Chondroitin as a sub ingredient. You’ve probably seen it mentioned on labels, often times marketed in combination with Glucosamine. Why is it often combined, but rarely delivered in pure form? - especially when we can plainly see published studies that show Chondroitin to be effective and Glucosamine to not have any more effect than a placebo!

Well, we believe the reason they include Chondroitin is because it is known to increase joint cushion, reduce joint discomfort, and sustain joint health. They probably think that if you as a consumer see it on the label you’ll assume there is enough Chondroitin in the supplement for it to be effective. Truth is, in most cases, the amount of Chondroitin in a joint supplement mix is far below the clinically verified recommended daily serving. Why?

The supplement industry is largely at the mercy of of major retailers who have set shelf prices of supplements in the range of $20-$50. Since most supplement companies must source Chondroitin from factories they do not own or control, and pay import taxes, the cost to include Chondroitin in their mix is simply too high.

For a lot of these supplement brands, delivering higher amounts of Chondroitin in their daily serving would cause the price of their products to be too high for major retailers! It’s simply too costly to provide the clinically verified amount of Chondroitin (1200MG/day) to their customers - so they fail to include it.

Others who do include a higher amount of Chondroitin often times source from China, but rarely do they tell you. Do you know what is in Chondroitin sourced from China? It’s very hard to tell, because there are no standards or regulations for us to go by. The Chondroitin in these supplements could be subpar quality, and chances are if you buy it from them you will never be able to find out if it is pure.

Since we own our own factory, and have established favorable trade routes, we can offer the highest Pharmaceutical Grade Pure Chondroitin to our customers at the clinically verified daily dosage, for a highly favorable price.

That’s right - WE OWN OUR OWN MANUFACTURING FACILITY - that means we control the quality of our product, in fact we are NSF Certified, and our product is fully traceable to the source.

Don’t settle for anything less than 1200 MG, the clinically verified daily serving of Chondroitin, and don’t settle for anything less than PURE CHONDROITIN.

*Citation: Andre Kahan, et al. “Long Term Effects on Chondroitins 4 and 6 Sulfate on Knee Osteoarthritis.” The Study on Osteoarthritis Progression Prevention, a Two-Year, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial, vol. 60, no. 2, Feb. 2009, pp. 524–533., doi:10.1002/art.24255.