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What is Chondroitin

Chondroitin is a substance that was discovered in the cartilage of cows in 1861 by a German chemist, Fischer. In recent years, research on chondroitin has made great progress, and its various endogenous functions including actions on the joint of the knee have become elucidated one after another.


Why Pure Chondroitin

Pure Chondroitin is the highest quality and pharmaceuti-cal grade chondroitin joint health supplement in the market. It was developed by one of leading Japanese pharmaceutical and consumer health care products companies - Zeria Pharmaceutical. To date, over 50 million bottles of Pure Chondroitin products have been sold worldwide.



A daily regimen of Pure Chondroitin can make a huge difference in your life.
Cushion your joints, and reduce joint deterioration to relieve discomfort,
so you can get back to living your best.

Emily Nelson, 48

My knees started to hurt one night after a ride. I could feel the impact
of every bump. Stopped riding, put on a few pounds, really slowed
me down. I knew I needed to do something to get back on track.

Steve Bartlette, 50

My wrist pain was bad back when I only had the small food truck,
now that I have my own place, I’m working even harder and
I don't have time for the pain.

Angela Wallace, 51

It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, if you’re in pain,
its not fun. We found out Glucosamine didn’t work,
so we switched to Pure Chondroitin.

Tony & Cecilia Cantelino, 63 & 67

About Zeria Pure Chonrdoitin

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Three Easy Steps for Joint Comfort Everyday! Follow these three simple steps to support joint health

step 1 Comfort and Cushion Your Joints

Proper cushioning is necessary for comfortable movement. That’s the power of healthy cartilage. Only Pure Chondroitin retains water better than any other naturally occurring substance in your cartilage, but as you age, your levels of Chondroitin decline. Supplement your body’s Chondroitin with Pure Chondroitin.*

step 2 Support Joint Movement

We all want a joint supplement that works. Pure and simple. Whether it means putting in hours at the job, miles on the treadmill, or hiking through the amusement park with your kids. A clinical trial showed people who took Pharmaceutical Grade Chondroitin reported improvement in their joint movement. Use PURE CHONDROITIN to support your active lifestyle.*

Change in pain over time. Pain as measured by the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index, by ITT analysis. See figure 3 section (C) in the report. Long‐term effects of chondroitins 4 and 6 sulfate on knee osteoarthritis: The study on osteoarthritis progression prevention, a two‐year, randomized, double‐blind, placebo‐controlled trial. © 2009, American College of Rheumatology?

step 3 Sustain Joint Health

This isn’t a one and done, you need a disciplined regimen to naturally maintain your joint health. Three PURE CHONDROITIN a day could change your life.*

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